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From 1st to 8th of April 2016, a training course under the project “Small enterprise, big success” was implemented in Vrnjačka banja, Serbia. It gathered together in one place participants that were involved from the very beginning of the project, including the brilliant newly selected ones.
The topics that were tackled are from the scope of micro and small business development, starting from the reinforcement of entrepreneurial mindset and attitudes through shake-up of self-management, experimentation of collaboration in small groups, to development of concrete business ideas shaped into understandable business plans.

With belief that this project as the platform for personal and professional growth of all the actors involved shall be used for the development of the business ideas born during the TC, we are proud to have a variety of new approaches towards societies’ needs recognized by participants. Their business ideas vary in focus and are reflected through the provision of products or services in: consultacy in project management, education on the topic of social therapy, production and distribution of cosmetic products, multi-purpose student community café and library, social enterprise for designing of illumination products made of recycled materials and textile, Balkan cuisine restaurant, tennis court & training promo packages, eco-friendly electric bycicle and smart soles.

Foreseen output of the project – Manual on steps to success – was initiated and the group will continue its finalization during the Activity 3 – workshop – due to happen in August 2016.

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