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There are many things in the form of projects, activities and initiatives that we do so diligently and in dedicated manner, that we simply miss to inform wider public about and we regret that deeply. So, we decided to sum up all the major clusters of info that we owe you.

We’ll keep it short and simple, enlist and provide brief description.

1. Rural development initiatives

Being located in the only rural municipality of the city of Belgrade, Best-seller cooperates with entrepreneurs in agriculture, provides capacity building trainings and workshops on local level and assists in access to national and European funds.

Best-seller’s key experts have in their portfolio scientific papers written on the matter for various universities, as well as working on FP projects before linked to renewable energy sources. We are also putting effort in research that focuses on the optimization of processes in the agricultural using ICT and methods of operational analysis and main activities are oriented on implementation of ICT into the learning activities and development of multimedia learning materials.

2. Environmental protection and climate change

One of the main aims of our organization is sustainable development, so we work on the promotion of mechanisms of several SDGs, especially in the field of environmental protection and climate change. Best-seller has in its portfolio cooperation with the City of Belgrade (Secretariat of environmental protection) and experience in using digital skills and social media in promotion of preserving the environment. After the European Green Deal has been communicated by European Commission at the end of 2019, Best-seller has started working on embedding its principles into all of the programmes, projects and activities. Working with individuals, public institutions, civil sector and SMEs, Best-seller clusters topics of entrepreneurship and rural development together with environmental protection and empowerment of women and multiplies impact thereby.

3. Research and outreach to NEET

Best-seller works for the benefit of marginalized groups for the right choice of economic stimulation that is not based on the dependency on social (welfare) benefits. Young people that are users of these benefits (and those that are not and are defined as NEET) need youth tailored programmes that tackle their specific needs and provide optimal cluster of services in order to accelerate the process of their employment.

Through the implementation of the Action plan and Research services, project “Turnover – Youth educational center”, Best-seller’s experts generated two documents:

NEET in Serbia

Local Action Plan for NEET Youth

Task was executed through the tender in the second half of 2019, where Best-seller as tenderer provided its services to the Municipality of Stari Grad, City of Belgrade.

4. Employment for Roma population

From July 2020, Best-seller, as tenderer provided services of organization of seminars, workshops, mentoring sessions and professional courses for members of Roma population on the territory of Municipality of Stari Grad, City of Belgrade.

Tasks were executed through a single tender under the project EU SUPPORT TO ROMA INCLUSION – Strengthening Local Communities Towards Roma Inclusion – Empowering Roma Employability – ERE. The goal of the project Empowering Roma Employability – ERE  is improving social and economic position of Roma population through employment measures implemented by the Municipality Stari Grad, Belgrade. Through this project 20 members of Roma community will attend IT/business literacy workshops and vocational trainings as a way to increase own position on labour market. Participants who dropped out form primary education will be returned into formal education system and finish primary school. As measure of increasing number of employed Roma people in Municipality Stari Grad, it will be organized working practice, ”on the job”, which will employed 10 Roma people on concrete business during six month period. It is expected, that after the period of paid working practice Roma people will be formally employed by the enterprises they gone through practice. Implementation of project Empowering Roma Employability – ERE is conducted by the Municipality Stari Grad, Belgrade in partnership with humanitarian organization ADRA. Project has been supported by European Union, programme EU support to Roma inclusion, Strengthening Local Communities Towards Roma Inclusion.

5. Various other projects and initiatives

One of them is SA PROJEKTOM NA “TI” (Getting personal with a project) that is currently being developed with association FONS and will be in the form of online course and podcast. Instagram teasers will be available soon!

Tamara Petrovic

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