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On the basis of partnership established between members of Best-seller’s management and lovely people from Turkey, with pleasure Best-seller will be involved through the realization of the training course “Young women entrepreneurs” planned to be realized in Izmir, Turkey, in the following months.

The purpose of this project is to raise awareness about women entrepreneurship which will be improved in parallel with the social position of women. Presenting the numerous challenges that women face in business life, building self-esteem among women to overcome these difficulties, empowering women and paving the way for the women as to be socially stronger, stand over their feet and contribute the economy as an entrepreneur form the main axis of the project.

In addition, the points for discussion will also be the roles of NGOs, vocational courses, informal learning organizations and women associations that empower women. Unemployment, employability and career building will be other main issues to be tackled during the project’s sessions.

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