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Project „E+ got better – road to successful entrepreneur“ finally, after the duration extensions due to COVID-19 pandemic, is finalized.

The project had 8 main activities plus local workshops and made an impact in 6 countries.

One of the main products Tool-kit „E+ got better – road to successful entrepreneur“ was presented during Conference, October 2020 in Belgrade, Serbia.

Moreover, partner organizations put an effort to produce what is appealing to the digital age – educational videos, that can be found on YouTube. They give a picturesque overview of all the lessons contained in the toolkit as well.

The once that we particularly think are important for all the entrepreneurs in making:

S.M.A.R.T Goal Setting

VMOST Strategy

3 resources of self-awareness

All the videos go under one of the 3 categories: professional development, business development, and personal development.

There are many more, so we recommend you visit SSA YT channel and get the information and education you need on your path of development on any of the above-mentioned categories.

Tamara Petrovic

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