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As Best-seller is nurturing partnerships with organizations and associations from EU region, 6 participants are being sent to support and contribute to the implementation of the project „Resolving postconflictual situations through visual arts“ organized by ARFI.

The Romanian Independent Film Association (ARFI) was established in 2008 and it is the founder of Timishort Film Festival, the single film festival in Timisoara. ARFI team has gained a vast experience through time. It accomplished organizing several types of cultural events for the masses and has always had a special interest in encouraging and helping young people take part in their activities, thus becoming a model for other independent initiatives and supporting them in their logistical and informational effort

The envisaged results of the project are:

  • Developing a pro-active attitude among young people concerning the importance of solving post-conflict situations at an ethnic and national level
  • Development of specific competences in the fields of non-formal education, film language and video editing among all participants
  • Promoting visual arts as a means of reflecting cultural diversity, and also, a means to get to know and understand the context of certain conflicts and promote tolerance and cooperation among states.

The project takes place from 11th to 19th of November 2015 in Timisoara, Romania.

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