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The training “Young Women Entrepreneurs” was held for a week in the end of February, in the pretty Turkish town Cesme and it gathered 25 participants from 7 countries including Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Greece, Albania, Slovenia, France and Serbia. Best-seller has chosen us, three participants to present Serbia, Jelena Mladenović, Tamara Milovanović and me, Mina Stefanović. The training itself was very useful, we worked actively on topics Unemployment today, Steps and Entrepreneurship, Techniques and Creativity, Leadership and managing a team, How to prepare a CV.

In addition to experienced lecturers from EU, organizers of Active Young Women had also had their session, which was very useful for all participants because they talked about Erasmus+ programs. I also had the opportunity to lead one of the sessions with the theme “How to build long term relations with the donor” in the last day, when participants who had initiative, were given the opportunity to contribute and share knowledge and experience.

We also had the opportunity to visit Cesme women’s cooperatives, to attend pottery workshop, and to meet successful women entrepreneurs who were guests at the training and who shared with us their entrepreneurial story. As part of our free time, we had a free afternoon to explore Izmir.

Group dynamics was very good all the time, which further contributed to the success of the project. In the context of intercultural events, we had an opportunity to presented Serbia at an intercultural night and connected even more with participants from other countries.

All in all, I came back full of positive impressions, new knowledge, friendships and a bit changed view of the world, and thank you very much Best-seller for this amazing opportunity to attend the training!

From the training “Young Women Entrepreneurs”
Date: 21 – 28.02.2016.
Venue: Izmir, Cesme, Turkey
Hosting organisation: Active Young Women

Mina Stefanović

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